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My Name is NEHA RATHORE and I am from the bustling capital city of India - New Delhi. Growing up, I had many interests and aspirations but it was a pivotal moment in my life when my parents bought me a Yashica point and shoot film camera. Developing photographs from the little film rolls in a dark room was a magical experience in my childhood.

However, life happened and my interest in photography stayed dormant only to be awakened much later. Growing up in a big city, I had even bigger dreams - and my journey to achieve them has been nothing short of exciting! I moved to the United States, graduated with a Masters degree in Engineering and entered the corporate world. However, soon I realized that a 9 to 5 desk job was stifling my various interests, especially my passion in photography.

Now, I have quit my job and have been traveling the world, collecting beautiful stories one at a time through my lens. My training as an engineer aids me in the technical and meticulous aspects of photography, while my artistic eye guides me in capturing the emotion and gravity of a moment.

So, let me help you tell your story. Get in touch!

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